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Gesam e Infinity Zucchetti 4.0.

Gesam, with Infinity Zucchetti 4.0, guarantees a work environment capable of combining, through the use of new technologies, tools, people and processes. Attendance management with attached authorization workflow, transfers, human resources, document archiving, timesheets are some of the solutions, perfectly integrated with each other and with the payroll program, that we can offer to our customers.

The HR Infinity portal is the single point of access to the entire suite and allows each user to access the features of their interest. As an example:
· the employee can access the function of consultation of the slip or request for proof of absence;
· the manager accesses the request authorization, evaluation, etc. functions, as well as the employee's functions;
· the Human Resources Department accesses the individual applications, the personal data and the payroll data of all employees, as well as the employee's functions for their requests.

The entire HR Portal suite is designed to manage the subject and all the information common to the different application areas in a unique way, without data redundancy. The subject's personal data is recorded only once within the system, while allowing each individual user to consult and / or manage only the information of his / her competence. The information is not synchronized between the different applications, but is physically managed in a single database table which is accessed by each individual application area.

An app is also available that revolutionizes the way people communicate with each other, allowing them to consult their smartphones and tablets with slips, time attendance cards, information exchange with the personnel department, filling in and sending expense reports, stamp verification and more.

The Zucchetti Infinity 4.0 of Gesam, allows to improve the communication between the interested subjects allowing the rationalization of the times and methods of exchange of information.