Outsourcing payroll - GESAM

Outsourcing payroll

Un partner per la gestione di tutti gli adempimenti dell'amministrazione del personale e gestione dei modelli fiscali.

The payroll outsourcing service responds fully and comprehensively to the needs of small, medium and large companies. An identical standard service is not offered for all companies: the service is constantly adapted to individual companies to comply with the peculiarities of the company context in order to offer a personalized and modulated customer service that guarantees all the organizational and economic advantages of the outsourcing.

It is expected that the customer will be assigned to a work group within which he will have a dedicated interlocutor; the Gesam team will take care of all the payroll activities and the monthly and annual administrative duties related to personnel management.

The service can include all the administrative obligations deriving from the management of the employment relationship, from the assumption to the cessation, all the contribution, insurance, social security and fiscal obligations connected with the administration of the personnel and the management of all relations with external bodies (INPS, Inail, Ministry of Labor, Revenue Agency, Employment Centers, social security and assistance funds).

The service includes the drawing up of tax models, all complaints and declarations to the employer as substitute of tax (Single Certification, simplified and ordinary model 770) and assistance in the compilation and elaboration of the models 730.