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Trade union relationships

Assistenza per le controversie individuali e nella gestione delle procedure collettive.

In case of social security cushion management, procedures for collective dismissal and extraordinary company operations involving employees include a phase in which it is mandatory to relate with trade unions. In the past few years, some of the most important labor rules and laws, such as tax reductions and social contribution facilitation on bonuses for company targets have required second level agreements between companies and trade unions, meaning that relationship with unions is always more diffused even for medium-sized companies.

Considering that in small/medium-sized businesses there is a specific role for this job, by offering this service we put our target in assisting the customer with labor union relationship management on specific problems that can come up during the year. Our consultants, i.e. throughout phone contact, will be available in assisting the management for any clarification explanations on technical manners either by his/her presence in site when circumstances require it.