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About us

For more than 30 years GESAM’s core business has been payroll for manufacturing, commerce and services companies. In the beginning, we were a small reality offering services almost exclusively to companies operating in Milan and hinterland; in 2000 we became Deloitte partners and later we passed to Data Management, aiming to customers across Italy and in any kind of activity, also acquiring a significant know-how in managing transnational employees.

At the end of 2009 Gesam becomes an independent reality which with its expertise constantly gives support on labor laws, trade union rights and social contribution rights, fulfilling every administration, contractual and law attainment, dedicating all its customers highly qualified and always updated personnel. A historic partnership with Morri Rossetti & Associati also allows us to grant both fiscal and legal consultancy and gives us the possibility to offer multidisciplinary consultancy as well as specific consultancy.

The company complies philosophy based not only on the respecting of essential formalities but above all on a professional and enduring co-operation, so that our clients can benefit, even throughout the synergy with some of our most important partners, of added value of a large global experience which makes us leaders during all renewal phases of managing methods.

Strengthened co-operation with Zucchetti, our technological partner for more than 20 years, allows Gesam to offer always updated solutions. More specifically, through Zucchetti HR Portal, achieved with Infinity technology, we propose IT instruments for every angle in HR managing with modular and integrated solutions.

Our team

The greater the knowledge
of what needs to be done,
the greater the power
to know what to do.

Infinity Project means inborn integrated web solutions, with a large selection of applets and collaborative functions with an outlook on cooperation and exchange of information, finalized to define company procedures and keeping them fully transparent.