Labor consultancy - GESAM

Labor consultancy

Assistenza completa nella gestione dei rapporti di lavoro dall'instaurazione alla cessazione.

At any time, our customers can require a phone support on themes related to payroll, personnel administration, interpretation of legislation or contractual norms.

Expertise offered by Gesam STP Srl concerns all situations existing from hiring to terminating the employee such as a correct draft of employment agreement, disciplinary actions, managing of extraordinary corporate operations, firing an employee, controversy with social/insurance contribution authorities and correct managing of all activities referred to social security cushions.

We do not limit our services in supplying dedicated and specific consultancy on complex problems, but we place ourselves side by side with companies management or owners to choose, within many options, the best option granting a better future for the company.

In the current context, where needs of productivity and cost savings are a priority, company welfare is a solution. We have developed a task force, with specific duties to survey worker needs in order to identify the right welfare for them. This means that without paying directly by cash employee but supplying goods, services and opportunities in various methods, we can find low-cost solutions for employers but highly appreciated by workers, being sure that improving well-being, the productivity increases too.